Maltese Club Breed Standard 1909

  • General appearance: Intelligent, sprightly, affectionate, with long, straight coat hanging evenly down each side, the parting extending from nose to root of tail. Although the frame is hidden beneath a mantle of hair, the general appearance should suggest a vigorous, well-proportioned body.
  • Weight: Not to exceed seven pounds. Smaller the better. Under three pounds ideal.
  • Color: Pure white.
  • Coat: Long, straight, silky but strong and of even texture throughout. No under coat.
  • Head: In proportion to size of dog -should be of fair length: the Skull slightly round, rather broad between the ears and moderately well defined at the temples, i.e., exhibiting a moderate amount of stop and not in one straight line from nose to occiput bone.
  • Muzzle: ot lean nor snipey but delicately proportioned.
  • Nose: Black.
  • Ears: Drop ears set slightly low, profusely covered with long hair.
  • Eyes: Very dark -not too far apart- expression alert but gentle: black eye rims give a more beautiful expression.
  • Legs: Short, straight, fine boned and well feathered.
  • Feet: Small with long feathering.
  • Body and Shape: Back short and level. deep loins.
  • Tail and Carriage: Tail well feathered with long hair, gracefully carried, its end resting on the hind quarters and side.

Scale of Positive Points: Points

Weight and size: 20
Coat: 20
Color: 10
Body and Shape: 10
Tail and its carriage: 10
Head: 5
Eyes: 5
Ears: 5
Legs: 5
Feet: 5
Nose: 5
Total: 100

Scale of Negative Points:

Hair clipped from face or feet: 20
Kinky, curly or outstanding coat: 15
Uneven texture of coat: 10
Yellow or any color on ears or coat: 10
Undershot or overshot jaws: 10
Prominent or bulging eyes: 10
Pig nose or deep stop: 10
Roach back: 5
Legginess: 5
Butterfly or Dudley nose: 5
Total: 100

New Standard Approved December 1963
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